List of Key Videos for Residents

A young doctor in training asked me to put together a list of key videos prior to her first day in the operating room. While now has over 600 articles/videos, that can make it intimidating to an inexperienced surgeon. The number that we have added to the videos (in the top right corner) and more recently to the title slide (bottom right corner) indicates our reference number and not an order or a cumulative total. This is why you will see videos with non-consecutive reference numbers.

If you are an experienced surgeon, then the best way to learn is to subscribe to our free daily email so that our article/video of the day can be delivered directly to your inbox. After a few months, you will be amazed with the valuable pearls that you have learned. For resident surgeons, you will be better off starting with these basic foundational videos listed below.

These are suggested starting points based on year of residency training. The typical USA training is 4 years of university for a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of medical school for MD degree, 1 year internship (PGY1), then 3 years of residency training (PGY2, PGY3, PGY4). PGY stands for post-graduate year since these are the years after completion of the MD degree. A one or two year sub-specialty fellowship is optional after residency training.

Start with understanding the learning grid of ocular surgery, and then go through the videos listed below. Remember, this is just the start — you need to watch many more videos than this!

PGY2 Residents (first full year of ophthalmology residency in USA)

PGY3 Residents (junior year of ophthalmology residency in USA)

PGY4 Residents (senior year of ophthalmology residency in USA)

Each of the above is a link which will take you to the appropriate article/video. Remember to always prepare in advance, prior to coming to the operating room. You cannot be a blank slate and expect your professor to happy teaching you. You must learn as much as possible before coming to the operating room and then your professor will happily clarify the techniques and judgment needed for excellent ocular surgery.


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  1. I am about to start with Phacoemulsification and these videos and explanations are perfect! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you are putting in these videos and the website!

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