Resident surgeons must learn to load the IOL

The surgeon must know how to do every single part of the surgery, including setting up the phaco machine and even loading the IOL into the injector. It is a disappointment to your professor if you do not understand how to perform these basic steps.

Manufacturers will send their representatives to your practice and they will teach you how to properly load the IOL into the injector and use it safely. If you incorrectly load the IOL then you risk damaging the lens, deforming the optic, inserting it upside down, or even damaging the capsular bag.

If you are an experienced surgeon who already knows how to load the IOL, then this video is not for you. This video is specifically for young surgeons who are new to cataract surgery. Please take the time to really study this video and learn how to load the IOL and then deliver it into the capsular bag.

Click below to learn how to load the IOL and then deliver it into the capsular bag:


  1. I’ve noticed that lens folding varies by surgical technician. Recently, I’ve had very “tight IOL folds” with a specific technician. Both haptics are on top of the optic, but the IOL tends to stay folded longer in its taco formation. I’ve notice that the haptics are indenting (or creasing) the IOL especially in the center of the lens. Usually these creases work their way out, but sometimes these indents are micro-scratches.

    I think the problem is that the haptics are being completely folding over the optic which causes extra pressure during insertion since the haptics are overlaping. I’ve noticed that the haptics are not completely over the optic in your video. The lens does “feel tight” when pushing the IOL through the cartridge on implantation. What is your opinion on IOL creases and feedback to this technician?

    1. agree that there is variability. if the haptics are pushed too far over the optic, then this is more likely to happen because the haptic tips overlap each over in the injector. have the tech try not folding over the haptic so far over the optic.

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