Mastering Divide-and-Conquer Phaco

Back by popular demand! Most beginning surgeons start by learning divide-and-conquer as the primary method of nucleus division for cataract surgery. We have covered the topic extensively here on CataractCoach and those videos can be found here, here, and here.

Recently, I chose a routine case in my surgical line-up to demonstrate the divide-and-conquer technique. You can see in the video that the technique can be very efficient and the entire case is done with a moderate degree of ultrasonic power. The patient achieved a great result and was very pleased.

Divide-and-conquer is a solid and reliable technique. Many experienced surgeons still use this technique as their primary method. I prefer the increased efficiency of phaco chop and I find it to be gentler on the eye with less ultrasonic energy needed. I encourage you to learn divide-and-conquer but also advance beyond that to stop-and-chop and then to full phaco-chop. You can do it and will help you!

Click below to learn how to master Divide-and-Conquer phaco: