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Here is a complete list of all videos sorted by category. This list will be continuously updated as we post new videos so that it is always up to date.

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anterior vitrectomy


beginning surgeons / novice surgeons

brunescent cataract

capsule issues


Cataract Surgery Techniques

complete cases


corneal issues / dystrophies


dense cataract

dislocated IOL


femto phaco

flomax IFIS



guest surgeons

hydro-dissection & hydro-delineation




IOL calculations

IOL related

iris prolapse

iris suturing

macular disease

medications for the eye


OCT ocular coherence tomography

pars plana vitrectomy

patient experience

Phaco Chop

phaco fundamentals

phakic IOL

posterior polar

posterior sub capsular (PSC) cataracts

prior refractive surgery



Quiz – The Cataract Quiz series

radial keratotomy

reader submissions

refractive surgery / refractions

resident surgeons


review of important prior posts

routine cases

shallow AC

slow motion

small pupil


sulcus IOL

surgical pearls

surgical planning

sutured IOL



Toric IOL


unusual cases

viscoelastic (OVD)

White Cataracts

These are suggested starting points based on year of residency training. The typical USA training is 4 years of university for a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of medical school for MD degree, 1 year internship (PGY1), then 3 years of residency training (PGY2, PGY3, PGY4). PGY stands for post-graduate year since these are the years after completion of the MD degree. A one or two year sub-specialty fellowship is optional after residency training.

Start with understanding the learning grid of ocular surgery, and then go through the videos listed below. Remember, this is just the start — you need to watch many more videos than this!

PGY2 Residents (first full year of ophthalmology residency in USA)

PGY3 Residents (junior year of ophthalmology residency in USA)

PGY4 Residents (senior year of ophthalmology residency in USA)


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      1. You are so generous, I would like to offer you what I title;

        “Notes on Positioning Patients for Cataract Surgery”

        If the chin is too high, the surgeon will cry.
        But if the chin is tucked, the surgeon is….
        Unhappy and out of luck.

        thank you for all you do for us!

        Ann Ballen
        Miami, FL

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