Close Up: Technique for Phaco Incision

We have shown many videos about the importance of the phaco incision. It is part of the signature that you leave on every eye (and it will be visible to any future eye doctor who examines your patient in the years to come) and it is critical to maintain stability during your cataract surgery. A poor incision can lead to an irregular capsulorhexis, anterior chamber instability during phaco leading to a ruptured capsule, and induction of irregular astigmatism that will limit the patient’s future vision.

This video shows the proper technique for a single-plane phaco incision and it is shown in high-magnification and slow-motion. Spend the time to learn how to make a proper phaco incision and you will enjoy surgery more, have fewer complications, and give better visual outcomes to your patients.

Click below to learn the proper technique in high-mag and slow-motion:


  1. Dr Uday , can you show videos on how to handle a case of iris caught in the probe causing iridodialysis and extensive bleeding? SICS is frequently done in India. When we use sandwich technique of nucleus removal this could happen. Nucleus sandwiched between vectis and sinskey hook.

    1. I don’t have a video of this. If you can send in the video, I will give commentary and post it

  2. Always learn something. Thanks. I sometimes will use ythe keratome to penetrate the anterior capsule to to start the rhexis at the same time.

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