Surgeon Ergonomics for Ocular Surgery

As an ophthalmic surgeon, you will spend a large part of your future in the operating room performing delicate ocular procedures to restore vision to patients. It is imperative that you are in a comfortable and relaxed position. With proper ergonomics, we can reduce surgeon fatigue, improve surgeon comfort, and maximize surgeon productivity, all while giving a better outcome to our patients.

We have all experienced it before: being uncomfortable during surgery and then having a pain in the neck afterwards from operating under strain. This video explains how to optimize surgeon posture, set up the microscope, and position the patient. It will prove helpful to both novice and experienced surgeons alike.

Click below to learn about surgeon ergonomics for cataract surgery:


  1. Consider a small head turn of about 5 degrees toward the operated eye, which will allow the tears to drain instead of pool. Then you have to tilt the microscope to be parallel to the iris, otherwise the focus will be uneven.

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