Curriculum, PodCast, Book & Series

We have created a special series of lectures intended to help ophthalmologists in training learn cataract surgery and other ocular surgical techniques.

The CataractCoach Curriculum is a series of 25 videos, each about 20-30 minutes, which takes a beginner surgeon through a learning process for modern day cataract surgery. These were published every two weeks so that the entire course curriculum would be watched during the first year of residency surgical training.

The next is the IOL Calc Case Study series where challenging clinical cases of lens calculations are reviewed in detail to understand the thought process.

If you want to improve your efficiency in the operating room, see our Focus on Efficiency series.

Our Playlist Series showcases similar videos covering a specific topic.

And here is our older, previously published list of key videos for residents.

Finally, to enjoy our podcast, you can watch videos of the CataractCoach PodCast and you can download the audio podcasts directly by clicking these links: AppleGoogleSpotify

And you can download the CataractCoach book here.