What can we learn from the first eye cataract surgery?

The patient had cataract surgery of the right eye two years ago. Initially, she had a plano outcome and great vision without spectacles. But gradually she has shifted to having +1.25 diopters of hyperopia. She still sees well, but now requires glasses.

It’s time for cataract surgery of her fellow eye, the left eye and we want to be able to learn from the first eye in order to give an incrementally better outcome for the second eye. Close examination at the slit-lamp microscope reveals many hidden clues. Can you tell what they are?

Click below to see what we learned from the first eye to help us with the second eye:


  1. How about doing few radial cut on ant capsule margin and bring back the Iol in its immediate post op posh and Thus eliminating +1.25D to Plano.

    1. That could work as long as it does not affect the stability of the IOL. Also it may not bring the IOL more anterior unless you bring it into the sulcus.

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