Draping the Eye for Cataract Surgery

Draping the eye is important for cataract surgery. It helps us to create a sterile field and it isolates the eyelashes from the ocular surface. The eyelid margin and eyelashes are often the source of bacteria in the rare cases of endophthalmitis and the glands can create an oily coating on the cornea which impedes the surgeon’s view.

A recent video explained the draping process and the rationale behind it. Other videos showed potential complications and other techniques. This video shows an external view of two different methods. Compare the two and leave your comment as to which you prefer.

Click below to learn about draping the eye without touching the eyelids:


  1. We simply don’t touch the eye even if it is sterilised by iodine, we use the needle cover instead of our fingers

  2. Hello doctor, good afternoon, I am a 2 year resident in Colombia and first of all I wanted to thank you for the excellent academic platform. In the rotation sites we usually use two cotton swabs to open the eye with the subsequent use of tegaderm.

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