Doctors: Submit your video here

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We welcome your video submissions! You can do it anonymously or you can have your name attached to the videos. and Dr. Devgan will publish a brief article about your video and we will do a review and voice-over of the footage. There is a lot to learn from having others give input on your technique.

If you would like to submit a video (you can be anonymous if you wish), please use and put as the recipient. Note that submission of a video grants and Dr Devgan indefinite, unrestricted, and free use of the video without requiring further permission or payment.

Important: If you would like your name mentioned in the article and review of your video then please include your name in the file-name, such as “Dr John Smith tough PXF cataract case.mp4”

All videos submitted without a surgeon name in the file-name will be treated as anonymous submissions.