Quiz: iris is prolapse & bleeding – now what?

Quiz time: This patient has floppy iris syndrome from tamsulosin use and you are experiencing iris prolapse during his cataract surgery. All of a sudden, the red-reflex diminishes from iris bleeding. How to you solve this case?

click below to see how to successfully handle this tough situation:


  1. Thank you for your video resources. Truly amazing effort on your part, and even 5 years out of training I learn an utilize something new thanks to you. What are your thoughts on lowering the IOP before coming out of the eye with the IA probe? If I have a IFIS case after visco removal with IA I will shut off infusion and wiggle in the incision to lower the IOP before completely coming out of the eye. This will reduce any IOP gradient and hopefully prevent prolapse. I then hydrate the incision and refill AC. Thanks again

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