Cataract Surgery Draping is Critical

Watching amazing intra-ocular acrobatics during a challenging cataract case is exciting and makes for a great video, but those cases are relatively rare. More than 90% of the surgeries that we perform are more routine in nature. Watching a video about proper draping of the eye seems mundane, but it is a critical step for all patients.

The most common source for the bacteria that cause endophthalmitis is the eyelid margin. Using a sterile plastic drape to completely sequester the eyelid, eye lashes, and lid margin from the surgical field helps to minimize this risk. In addition, the oily secretions will not contaminate the ocular surface and the good exposure that is provided makes the surgery easier. Take the time to make sure that the draping for all of your surgeries is excellent.

Click below to learn how I recommend draping for cataract surgery:


  1. Have you made a video on draping technique? I keep getting lashes in my field and would appreciate learning how you avoid that. Thanks

      1. Thank you! I searched drape and it didn’t come up. Will watch. Thanks again

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