1139: playlist: resident complications

With July 1 just a few days away, a new class of senior residents will climb up the learning curve of cataract surgery. This means learning how to avoid complications and also how to recover from them. These four videos show a few very important topics with regards to resident cataract surgery complications. You will be better served by understanding and studying these videos now so that when you do encounter these complications, you will at least have an idea if how to approach them.

Making a terrible incision has severe consequences during and after the surgery. It increases the risk of intra-operative complications, inhibits intra-ocular access, destabilizes the fluidics, seals poorly, and then induces irregular astigmatism. You owe it to your patients to make a beautiful incision!
The iris can make or break your surgery! You must respect it at all times… if you don’t, then you will have to deal with this challenge.
Every cataract surgeon will experience a dropped nucleus at least a couple of times over the course of a career. The key is now to complete the case and refer the patient to a retinal specialist for a pars plana vitrectomy. How do you proceed with the rest of your case to ensure the best outcome for your patient?
And you must learn how to do an anterior vitrectomy because of both iatrogenic causes and due to weak patient tissues. The rate of posterior capsule rupture is higher for beginning surgeons and decreases as the surgeon gains more experience, but the rate never goes to zero!

And if you wish to watch all four of these combined into a single video, click below:

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