Never make an incision like this!

This is a resident case where the incision has terrible construction. The primary mistake is gliding the keratome along the epithelium prior to entering the stroma. This means that the incision actually starts about 2 mm into the cornea instead of at the limbus. This means that the incision pierces Descemet’s layer and enters the anterior chamber just 2.7 mm from the visual axis. This makes the rest of the surgery difficult and it induces astigmatism that will limit the patient’s post-op vision.

If you are in your surgical training or if you are a new surgeon with less than 1,000 cataracts under your belt, you really MUST watch and learn from this video. A good surgeon will learn from his/her mistakes. A truly wise surgeon will learn from the mistakes of others. That’s you.

click below to understand the consequences of this poorly constructed incision: