1140: IOL punch for suture fixation

There are many different techniques for suture fixation of an IOL to the sclera: Yamane, Canabrava, Gore-Tex, belt loop, and more. This video shows a method of using a novel instrument to punch a small hole at the haptic-optic junction of a single-piece acrylic IOL. A prolene suture can then be passed through this hole, with a flange created on either side to fixate the IOL to the sclera. This can simplify these cases and allow us to salvage the existing IOL to restore vision.

click below to learn about this instrument and the suture fixation technique for a single-piece IOL:


  1. Could you please give a hint, where can I find such a device? What is its Name? Or what ist the Name of the Company, that sells it? Thank you!

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