1090: Playlist: Patient Experience

The patient experience is a critical part of your surgical practice. The patient wants a pleasant experience with good communication and most of all, an outstanding surgery without any pain or complications. Understanding the patient experience is just as important as learning phaco chop. These four videos have been selected to teach some important lessons.

Dr. Rishi Gupta’s book Reflections of a Pupil is simply outstanding. It is full of important vignettes that teach you what your textbooks cannot. It truly captures the patient experience and gives pearls so that you can master it. Without this book, you will spend a decade learning these lessons the hard way. (I have no financial interest in the book and I do not receive any referral fees or Amazon affiliate fees).
We have all had patients who were paralyzed by fear. Why do patients delay surgery for so long? How can we help these patients?
We must always give the first surgeon the benefit of the doubt. If the patient had complications from the first eye surgery performed by another ophthalmologist, you may also experience the same issues when you operate on the other eye. Most of the time, weak patient tissue is the cause of the challenge.
We also must give the patient the benefit of the doubt. If the patient is upset or agitated, there is likely a very good reason. We must stay calm and collected and do our best to help the patient. This video explains a very valuable lesson.

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