Why be afraid of cataract surgery?

There is certainly fear of the unknown and that applies to surgery. While we know that cataract surgery is a safe and painless surgery with the ability to deliver great vision to our patients, the general public may not realize this. In the case presented here, the patient is absolutely paralyzed by fear. She has waited until one eye developed a white cataract with CF at 1 foot vision and the other eye has a dense cataract with 20/400 vision. This patient is so paralyzed by fear that she went blind in both eyes from cataracts, even though she has access to healthcare and even has health insurance to cover the procedure.

In this video, I discuss her situation, the challenges we faced, and how we overcame them. And plus you get to see the action of her cataract surgery.

Click below to learn from this video — let me teach you by best words of wisdom:


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