I wish I had this book in residency!

“What your medical school and ophthalmology textbooks can’t teach you, but what your mentors, colleagues, and patients will!”

That really sums up this outstanding book by R. Rishi Gupta MD from Halifax, Canada. His book is comprised of more than 100 chapters, each one giving a valuable lesson in ophthalmology. These brief chapters of just a few pages each, sums up a critically important concept regarding all aspects of ophthalmology. There are so many great lessons here, that even I learned quite a few things even though I have been in practice for more than 20 years. This book truly let’s out all of the hard-earned and hard-learned secrets of the practice of ophthalmology. Certainly A+ work, I recommend it to all ophthalmologists, especially those in training.

You can purchase this book on Amazon by clicking here. Note that I have no financial interest in this book and do not receive any referral fees. This is just that amazing of a book that I must tell all of my CataractCoach.com followers about it.

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