1065: Cortical Cleaving hydro-dissection

Cortical cleaving hydro-dissection was described 30 years ago by Howard Fine MD, a pioneer in the shift to modern day techniques of cataract surgery. The technique involves slightly lifting the anterior capsular rim so that the fluid dissection wave separates the cortex from the capsule. This leaves little to no cortex for aspiration with the I/A probe. Our guest surgeon today is Dr Rishi Gupta from Halifax, Canada and he demonstrates this technique which he teaches to his ophthalmology residents.

You will recall that Dr. Rishi Gupta is the author of a fantastic book for ophthalmologists in training. This book, Reflections of a Pupil, teaches the critical lessons that took me 10 years to learn. It is available on Amazon from this link: https://www.amazon.com/Reflections-Pupil-Ophthalmology-Textbooks-Colleagues-ebook/dp/B07JG8CGVW/ Note that I have no financial interest in this book and I am not collecting any Amazon referral fees. I just think it is a really amazing book!

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