2012: Gore-tex suture fixation of tilted IOL

This patient was pseudophakic and then sustained ocular trauma which resulted in zonular loss and a tilting of the IOL and capsular bag complex. The patient saw well with the existing IOL so the decision was made to simply fixate the IOL+bag complex to the scleral instead of performing an IOL exchange. This less invasive option is often the better choice and it is a less invasive procedure. We have previously shown the belt-loop technique which uses 6-0 Prolene suture and flanges created with cautery to secure an IOL. In this video the surgeon uses 8-0 Gore-tex to suture fixate the IOL and capsular bag complex. This sturdy suture is anticipated to last many decades and provide excellent support. The technique is great, but I suggest one simple improvement: passing the Gore-tex band within the sclera so that it is not sitting just under the conjunctiva.

video link here

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