1872: the new triple: Phaco, IOL, DMEK

The typical “triple” procedure was performing phaco, IOL implantation, and a full-thickness corneal transplant. And this still has an important role in some cases and we have featured it previously on CataractCoach. The “new triple” is phaco, IOL, and lamellar corneal transplantation, which is DMEK in this case (Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty). Our guest surgeon does a great (and efficient) job of helping this patient with both cataract and corneal disease. The key in this DMEK surgery is learning how to precisely place the DMEK graft by using the various techniques we have previously showcased. In fact, we have a full series of DMEK videos on CataractCoach which you will find very helpful.

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