1871: the posterior capsule just ruptured…

It happens to ALL cataract surgeons: the posterior capsule ruptures and there is vitreous prolapse while cataract material is still in the eye. How do you successfully recover from this complication and then complete the case? The nuclear pieces must be removed before they fall through the posterior capsule rupture and end up in the vitreous cavity. The lens cortex should be removed while preserving the remaining capsular tissue. The vitreous prolapse must be carefully removed from the anterior segment. And finally the IOL has to be placed appropriately with good stability. Before watching this video, look carefully at the photo here and ask yourself, “How would I finish this case?”

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  1. Uday ji
    how are cataract surgeons rated and which rating agency uses only the success of surgery in rating…leaving out superficial aspects like how the staff treated you etc.

  2. Brilliant video. Management of posterior capsular rupture beautifully explained.

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