1834: phaco-section and then extraction

We have previously featured this technique (and this guest surgeon) which shows the phaco-section technique. In this case, using a 27g bent needle (cystitome) to split the nucleus in the anterior chamber and then extract each hemi-nucleus. This is like the MSICS procedure but because the nucleus is split in half, the incision size can be significantly smaller. Have you tried this technique? Please leave a comment below with your experience and your best surgical pearls.

link here

We are having another video contest for young surgeons in training. Full details are available at this link here. Your video can be anything original, maximum length of 3 minutes, do a voiceover, do not use copyrighted music in the background, make sure it is actual high definition and in focus, and only one video per surgeon. Deadline for submission is June 1, 2023 and the video competition will be hosted live on June 15, 2023. Full details by clicking the pic below.

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