1714: PodCast #1: Robert H. Osher MD

Over the past 5 years and 1700+ videos, we have learned so much from each other by reviewing surgical videos here on CataractCoach. However there is even more that we can learn, especially from the pioneers in the ophthalmology world. In that regard, we are launching our new PodCast series where we will do an in-depth interview with surgeons to learn more about their personal journeys and discuss ophthalmic surgery. Our inaugural guest is Robert H. Osher MD who has transformed the way we operate with countless inventions, ideas, and concepts over the past 40+ years. He is also the Godfather of Ophthalmic Surgical Videos and he launched his Video Journal of Cataract, Refractive, and Glaucoma Surgery in 1985 using VHS videotapes (which were very low resolution).

So many of our technologies and surgical procedures have been pioneered by Dr Osher including the motorized phaco pole, surgeon control of phaco power and vacuum, 2.2 mm micro-coaxial phaco, treating astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange for high hyperopia, and more. His contributions to our field are immense. I first watched one of these VHS videotapes when I was an ophthalmology resident 20+ years ago and I was mesmerized. I encourage you to study his videos carefully and check out his website at https://vjcrgs.com/

In the video we reference this amazing book from Dr Osher: The Real ABCs (Achievement, Balance, Contentment) https://www.slackbooks.com/the-real-abcs-a-surgeons-analysis-and-a-fathers-legacy-second-edition/ and this book with Dr Jack Parker called What I Say https://www.slackbooks.com/what-i-say-conversations-that-improve-the-physician-patient-relationship/ which we have previously reviewed.

We are planning on hosting two podcast interviews per month, on the second and fourth Sundays, and we will have them uploaded to all major podcast services (click links here: Apple, Google, Spotify) for enjoying as you drive to work or exercise. I am really excited to share these amazing podcasts with you. The full video of the podcast will also be here on CataractCoach as well as on our YouTube channel.

YouTube link here

or for just the audio, you can use this embedded player:

Dr. Osher corrected the surgeon’s last name. It was Dr Jerre Freeman who published Phaco for the Loose Lens: Video Journal of Cataract, Refractive, and Glaucoma Surgery, Vol. 5 No. 3 1989


  1. this is so awesome!! just when i think it can’t get better, this podcast appears. I remember the VJO vhs tapes in the mid 80s and looked forward to viewing them just as i look forward every morning to viewing cataractcoach. My sincere thanks to Uday and Bobby Osher, 2 of my favorite mentors!

  2. My kids and I loved the interview. Watching it for a second time now so my wife can watch it too. Thank you Dr. Osher for all your years of innovating and teaching and thanks Dr. Devgan for your great daily lessons. Don’t know how you guys do it, but thanks for doing it.

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