2000: what I have learned after 2000 posts

I did it. Today is the 2000th post/video for CataractCoach.com which means a new post/video every day for 2000 days in a row, never missing a single day. This has changed the way that the world learns cataract surgery. I stand on the shoulders of giants (Robert Osher MD being the ultimate godfather!) and I am indebted to so many who have taught and helped me along the way. There is now a complete 25 part CataractCoach Curriculum that teaches new surgeons every step of the way. There is a free CataractCoach PDF book to learn phaco. There is the amazing CataractCoach Podcast. We have the IOL calc case series and the focus on efficiency. And you, my fellow ophthalmologists, have been such loyal supporters. Thank you so much.

at post 1000, we celebrated 18,000 subscribers and 5 million views. We are now at 56,000 subscribers and 20 million views. And growing rapidly every day with month over month growth every month since inception.

This video showcases the most important lessons that I have learned along the way and I am confident that you will benefit from these lessons. Remember, you’re smarter than me and you can learn from my mistakes/experiences instead of having to suffer them yourselves. Watch this video carefully and I even show a behind-the-scenes look how I do these videos.

We will keep up the progress and continue to grow bigger and better, with many new things coming in the next few months. As of today, CataractCoach already gets more ophthalmic surgical video views than ALL other sources COMBINED. Hard work pays off 🙂

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  1. Uday…you are the content king !!! …and every piece of content is chock full of pearls. Can’t thank you enough !

  2. Uday ..You are the content king!!! Every bit of content is chock full of pearls !! Can’t thank you enough

  3. Dear Uday
    Congratulations on completing 2000 surgical videos!
    You have been a great Coach,Teacher,Guru and Guide in the field of Cataract Surgery.
    We keep learning every single day from your superb videos.
    We really appreciate your hard work and efforts put in for such great videos
    Regards and Best Wishes
    Ashok Moolani

  4. Great and wonderful work, keep it up. It has made many people happy, educated your fellow doctors, and opened the horizons of science to them

  5. Refractive surgery has always been denigrated by ophthalmologists and optometrists for my entire career. I am a 55 year old Refractive surgeon and your videos are going to do more to change that perception in the next 20 years than anything else. It is the old paradigm that it is the norm that people wear plastic appliances on their faces or put plastic things on their eyes every day. It is bordering on absurd that people have cataract surgery and the expectation is that they wear glasses afterwards.

    You are changing this thinking.

    The new paradigm is that Refractive surgery is the first answer to refractive error. Young ophthalmologists are going to see this. They are going to need to do this. The current model is expensive and inefficient and frankly more dangerous. There is the risk of infections with contacts and the unpredictability of glasses and contacts in emergency situations.

    Most current ophthalmologists are geriatricians who make the vast majority of their income through the government with Medicare. As younger ophthalmologists adopt Refractive surgery, there will be a shift. They will be treating younger patients, and Ophthalmology won’t be so beholden to the whims of Medicare.

    You are doing the best thing! Thank you and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hi Michael:
      I do not understand what you mean about refractive surgery and Medicare. I am not a surgeon so perhaps that is why I do not understand. Could you explain it better in regard to what is used instead of refractive surgery?

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