1888: femto laser for posterior polar

You must realize by now that I have a fondness for posterior polar cataracts and on CataractCoach.com we have an entire section devoted to these cases. I first became interested after learning about these cases from Dr Robert Osher and Dr Abhay Vasavada who are truly experts in this field. I submitted a video about doing visco-dissection for posterior polar cases and won the grand prize at the APAO (Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology) in 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I donated the honorarium to the APAO’s charity arm. Since then I have done hundreds of these cases and I am happy to say that we can achieve a very, very low rate of complications, in the low single digits (compared to 30%+ in most published literature). This case uses a femtosecond laser to perform parts of the procedure. The catch is that this laser can produce air bubbles inside the eye and could that pose an issue? Watch and learn!

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