1230: surgeon & patient communication

Cataract surgery is a beautiful and fascinating procedure for us as ophthalmologists. But for patients it can be a nerve-wracking and frightening thought: a surgeon is going to be inside your eye and will be removing your human lens and replacing it with a man-made lens. I encourage patients to do as much online research as they would like prior to the surgery and I want them to give the cataract surgery the importance that it deserves. Every patient will see the world, ever waking moment, for the rest of life, through this surgery and this IOL. For the surgeon, the ability to effectively communicate with the patient can often be as challenging as the surgery itself.

This book is entitled “What I Say” and the authors are Robert Osher MD (a true pioneer and one of my top mentors/idols in the field) and Jack Parker MD (an up and coming superstar). It is an easy read of about 100 pages and it has dozens of scenarios where the authors spell out exactly the wording that they use to effectively communicate with patients. I strongly encourage you to buy this book. I do not have any financial interest in this book, but rather I’m just a big fan of it. Please use your google skills to find out where to buy it and don’t send me emails asking.

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