1634: resident conquers the white cataract

A white cataract is a challenge for any surgeon, no matter how experienced, because the risks of potential complications is higher. Among these is the risk of capsular run-out which is often referred to as the Argentinian Flag Sign. More advanced techniques are required to perform this surgery, so it is a pleasure to see a young resident with less than 100 cataracts under his/her belt conquering the challenges. This is done with the direct supervision of a more experienced attending physician for the safety of the patient. This case goes very well and we show the entire surgery from start to finish (at 2x). Plenty to learn from this case.

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  1. I learnt ICCE in my residency days in the 1980’s. Didn’t stop there but carried on graduating and now I do phacoemulsification without struggling. I thank Dr Uday Devgan for his initiative Cataract coach.com from where I have been furthering my phaco skills and even managing complications well. Best wishes.
    Dr. Rajan Pradhan, MD

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