1132: Playlist: white cataract capsulorhexis

Performing a successful capsulorhexis is one of the biggest challenges in eyes with white cataracts, particularly intumescent white cataracts. This playlist of four selected videos will teach you the key points to achieving success with this. We also include the specific techniques including recovering from a run-out capsulorhexis which is often called the Argentinian Flag Sign due to its distinctive appearance.

This shows the dreaded Argentinian Flag Sign where needle decompression resulted in an immediate and uncontrolled rip of the anterior capsule. This video shows how to successfully recover from this complication.
This technique shows how the phaco probe can be used to punch a hole in the anterior lens capsule and then also aspirate to decompress the capsular bag contents.
This video shows the technique of needle decompression but also the critical importance of rocking the nucleus to remove the intumescent fluid from behind the nucleus as well.
What happens if we do not decompress the capsular bag in these cases? This video shows how challenging it is, even for an expert surgeon, to control the capsulorhexis creation.

If would prefer to watch all four of these videos back to back, click on the pic below: