1262: cataract after intra-vitreal injection

In previous videos, we have warned against the issue of an intra-vitreal injection inadvertently hitting the lens capsule and causing a cataract. This can be a limited cataract or something far more extensive. I recently learned so much from a presentation from Professor Tom Oetting from the University of Iowa, that I sought permission to share it with you.

The cataract can be severe, such as this case where a white cataract developed within a week. The B-scan ultrasound shows that the posterior capsule is so wide open and we can even see it on an A-scan.

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There are other cases of posterior capsule damage from intra-vitreal injections that have very subtle clues or signs. Yet the capsule can still be so weakened that it will split from hydro-dissection. This video lecture from Prof. Tom Oetting goes over all of the important considerations and how to successfully complete these cases.

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