1261: Why is the AC so shallow in IA?

Remember that we are operating in a very tiny space of less than 1 milliliter of volume and that we need to maintain fluidic balance in order to keep the AC inflated, the posterior capsule away, and allow cataract material to flow into our hand-piece for aspiration. If we upset this delicate balance, then we get instability in the anterior segment with a shallow AC and a posterior capsule which seems awfully close to the probe tip. Ask yourself, what are the possible reasons to have the issue shown in this picture. Is there a complication? Choroidal hemorrhage? Is there not enough inflow due to a kink in the inflow tubing line? Maybe the balanced salt solution bag/bottle is empty? Are the machine settings appropriate with the infusion pressure and aspiration flow rate in check? Or maybe there is another reason like a poorly constructed incision that is very leaky!

click to learn from this video about fluidic balance and how we solved it in this case:

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  1. Thanks for your lovely videos Prof. Devgan. May I ask what did your trainee insert with the I/A tip to stop the leakage. thanks

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