Quiz: what is different about this white cataract?

This patient has an intumescent white cataract but something is different about this case. In fact, there is a very important clue in the picture above — it is even a danger sign and it can predict the complication that is almost certain to happen. Can you figure it out?

The answer is explained in this picture below:

Click below to watch this video (cataract surgery and pars plana vitrectomy):


  1. Known posterior capsule rupture, why not primary pars plana lensectomy. preserving the anterior capsule intra op and then performing an anterior capsulotomy for lens capture or just placing a sulcus IOL?

    1. yes, that is certainly an option also. But we will need at least a 2.8 mm incision to insert the IOL, so we are committed to making the phaco incision. The result is the same either way: you will need to do a pars plana approach for dislodged lens material and you will need to make a 2.8 mm incision to insert the IOL.

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