Intumescent Cataract Auto Aspiration

We know that intumescent white cataracts can be challenging because the lens capsule is pressurized with liquefied lens cortex. This poses the risk of a capsular runout, often described as the Argentinian Flag Sign, which can then lead to further complications such as posterior capsule rupture and vitreous prolapse. We have previously shown the technique of using a small gauge needle (27g or 30g) on a 3cc syringe to perform a puncture and then to aspirate of the liquefied lens material.

This video features a technique where the 27g needle is connected to the irrigation/aspiration hand-piece of the phaco machine. The machine can then be set to an aspiration mode where the level of vacuum is determined by the surgeon’s foot-pedal position. This allows very precise control of the aspiration level and a higher amount of vacuum than simply using a syringe in the manual technique. Our guest surgeon is Dr. Eslam Ramagdan who is operating in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and we applaud him for the innovative technique.

click below to learn how to use automated aspiration for intumescent white cataracts:

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