Mastering Stop-and-Chop phaco

Stop-and-chop is a common technique in phaco cataract surgery because it is safe, efficient, and relatively easy to learn. We have featured many stop-and-chop videos here on CataractCoach and it is a good option to use for most cataract cases.

In the technique of stop-and-chop that I usually teach to my residents, we bring the hemi-nuclear pieces out of the capsular bag and chop them at the iris plane. In the video shown here, out guest expert is Prof. Wael Soliman from Assiut University in Egypt and he takes it one step more advanced: he performs the hemi-nuclear chopping within the capsular bag. This is a great technique and I encourage you to learn it from him.

Click below to learn this advanced version of stop-and-chop:

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