White cataract needle decompression

We know that an intumescent white cataract is fluid-filled with liquefied lens cortex. This makes the pressure within the capsular bag higher than normal and puts us at risk for the Argentinian Flag Sign, when the anterior capsule rips uncontrollably out to the zonular attachments. Because the capsule is stained with typan blue dye, this combination of white cataract with a ripped capsule resembles the blue-white-blue stripes of the Argentinian flag.

To minimize this risk, we have shown many different techniques to decompress the lens and release the pressure gradient. This allows us to have more control and it minimizes the risk of capsular complications. This video shows expert surgeon, Lukan Mishev MD from the Focus Eye Center in Sofia, Bulgaria and his technique of needle decompression. We follow this video clip with a young resident surgeon who emulates the same technique successfully.

Click below to learn this important technique for intumescent white cataracts: