1927: should residents learn femto laser?

Many studies have shown that there is little to no benefit to using the femtosecond laser for routine cataract surgery, especially in the hands of an experienced surgeon. But it can help beginning surgeons make a more consistent capsular opening because for them it is easier to use the laser than make a capsulorhexis. Even some of the older surgeons in the community who struggle to perform a capsulorhexis use the femtosecond laser for nearly every case. There are other devices such as the Zepto which can also help make a consistent capsular opening. So my question to you is, should we teach residents to use the femto laser for phaco? If so, how much use is acceptable? What if a resident wants to use it for every case? Please give your input in a comment below.

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  1. Femtosecond laser is not at all essential for routine cataract surgery.
    Younger surgeons should endeavour to learn capsulorrhexis routinely; instead of investing in expensive equipment specially in third world countries.

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