1901: senior resident stop-and-chop

It’s July and that means our senior residents (PGY4 in the USA) and busy climbing up the cataract surgery learning curve. This video is about case 100 from a senior resident who performs the stop-and-chop technique of nucleo-fractis. The skills are good and I commend this young surgeon, but there are still areas that need improvement. Before you watch the video, look at the title pic and make an assessment. The draping looks good with no lashes in the field and a clean tear film. The eye is in primary position with the Purkinje light reflexes centered. The capsulorhexis looks excellent in shape, size, and position. And the incisions are placed appropriately for this right-handed surgeon and they even barely nick the limbal vessels. But there is one thing noticeable in this picture that needs improvement…

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