1881: your first solo phaco case of residency

Today is July 1 and that is the first day of the new academic year in the USA. For senior residents (PGY4) that means you have just 12 months to become proficient with cataract surgery. This is not an easy task and you will work very hard this academic year to achieve that. The video presented today is the first solo case for this resident surgeon. We have sped the video up to 3x to present the entire case but even then it’s a longer than typical video for us. This resident surgeon does a good job with many steps, but there are others that need improvement such as the incision and the capsulorhexis (which constitute your signature). If you are a PGY1, 2, 3, or 4 resident, you must build a foundation of solid knowledge to learn cataract surgery. In that regard we have a complete 25 part series called the CataractCoach Curriculum which will take you through every step. I suggest one curriculum lesson per week (for 6 months total). When you finish your residency, you will be in practice competing with very experienced and seasoned surgeons — that is not easy!

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