1237: leave your signature on every case

Taking pride in your work is critical for success. You need to put the effort to do a beautiful job for every case that you do. This drive will allow you to achieve the highest level of precision and success in your surgeries and your patients will benefit immensely. For cataract surgery, there are two steps of surgery that will leave your permanent mark on the eye: the incision and the capsulorhexis. Even a decade or more in the future, any eye doctor can examine the patient and see these two marks. Consider these to be your signature and you want to take pride in making these as accurate as possible. In the case shown here, the patient is the wife of one of my former professors who taught me cataract surgery more than 20 years ago. I am so honored that he trusts me with his own family members and I am happy to present that entire case here, unedited from start to finish.

click to learn from this complete cataract case about my surgical signature: