1870: three cases of sudden trouble…

In this video we present three cases of sudden trouble: (1) the IOL pops out of the capsular bag, (2) there is sudden iris bleeding at the end of the case, and (3) the scleral fixated IOL (Yamane) is tilted due to a loose haptic-optic connection. How would you solve each of these scenarios?

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  1. Case #2: Is it possible the scrub nurse did not screw the cannula in properly? Then when hydrating the roof of the incision, there’s enough obstruction to flow that an increase in pressure in the syringe occurred which then caused enough pressure to have the cannula shoot off the syringe. I’ve had an improperly loaded cannula fall into the AC, though not under pressure.

    1. that could be the case, but I still like to hold the cannula with my other hand while injecting — just to be 100% safe and sure

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