1806: left-handed resident breaks the bag

Let me be the first to say that it is perfectly fine for a surgeon to be left handed. Surprisingly, in many parts of the world, being left handed is frowned upon. This makes no sense to me because I am able to use BOTH hands quite well. I can hold the phaco probe in the right hand or the left hand and the outcomes will be equally good. I show this video and point out that the surgeon is left handed because I receive many messages every month asking for more “left handed videos” even though it is irrelevant. This is a resident case where there is a posterior capsule rupture and then the attending surgeon takes over, who decides to make a different main incision. A ruptured posterior capsule is a complication that happens to ALL surgeons (100% if you are being honest…) and we should know how to rescue the case and provide a good visual outcome. Many lessons to be learned in this case, even for experienced surgeons!

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