1771: further progression of surgical skills

When I saw case 25 from this resident (link here) I was amazed at his skill level and just how far up the learning curve he had progressed in such a short period of time. Some colleagues left comments doubting that it was case 25, but I know this resident (not one of my residents) and his program director and I can assure you it is accurate. This is case 200 from the same resident surgeon and it, too, is frankly amazing for just a couple hundred cases under his belt. That’s not to say that there isn’t more to learn because there certainly is. Cataract surgery takes years to learn but a lifetime to master. This video is shown in full, start to finish, and in real time. I trust that this young doctor will continue to hone his skills and I would love to see case 500 and then case 1000.

link here

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