1735: Curriculum Lesson 16: IOL loading

Continuing with lesson 16 in our Curriculum series, focusing on IOL loading. Every surgeon must know how to load the IOL into the injector even if you have amazing scrub techs and assistants who usually do it for you. Because sometimes, you may run into an issue like this previous video. If you would like to review the other lessons, they are conveniently located here: https://cataractcoach.com/category/curriculum/

In coming lessons we will cover everything including dealing with complications.

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  1. My slight variations for loading a single piece acrylic iol using a monarch injector—fill the proximal ~1.5 cm of the cartridge with a cohesive viscoelastic, squirt iol with bss which keeps the haptics from sticking, grab iol haptic gently with nontoothed forceps and place it partially into the visco-filled cartridge to allow for a regrasp (instead of putting it down on a dollop of visco), regrasp iol but towards the optic edge to minimize risk of scuffing central optic in case any issue with the nontoothed forceps, fold haptics as done in the video and partially advance the iol, push iol further into cartridge with bevel down iol pushing forceps, place cartridge into the injector making sure it clicks into place, and finally engage the iol with the plunger and advance it slightly further with a couple of twists of the plunger.

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