1734: the 7L rule saves the day

The 7L rule has been passed down from one generation of ophthalmologists to the next for many decades. It is an easy way to remember the correct haptic orientation when inserting IOLs. I first learned the 7L rule when the standard way of inserting an IOL was by folding it in half using lens-folding forceps and then inserting it without the use of an injector. Once the IOL injectors came to market, the 7L rule became even more important since the IOL could twist inside the barrel and potentially invert during insertion. And no one wants an upside down IOL, right? Our guest surgeon in this video is very astute and notices that something is not quite right in the injector tip. As the IOL is inserted, care is taken to rotate the injector tip prior to further advancing the IOL. This allows the surgeon to ensure that the IOL is placed correctly inside the capsular bag.

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    1. Whatever makes it easy for you. I still like the 7L rule because as the IOL is being implanted I can see the first haptic 7 and then the trailing haptic L

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