1731: small eye, shallow AC, high hyperopia

As surgeons, we love it when we can make an incredible improvement in the lives of our patients. An added bonus is having such sweet patients who continue to express gratitude even years after the surgery. This patient is incredibly sweet and she presented to me more than a year ago with a high degree of hyperopia. Her eyes have a short axial length, shallow anterior chamber, and high degree of hyperopia. We elected to perform surgery with a goal of plano in her dominant eye for best distance vision using a Johnson & Johnson Tecnis ZCB00 monofocal lens. For her other eye, the eye shown here in this video, we chose a J&J Eyhance DIB150 toric monofocal lens with a goal of mild myopia for intermediate and near vision. This Eyhance version has a bit more extension in the range and that was helpful in achieving our goals. This is a complete cataract case so you can see the nuances of every step of the procedure.

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