1732: this white cataract is quite dense

We have previously explained that not all white cataracts are the same and that there is an entire spectrum of nuclear density from soft to quite hard. One of the pearls from that previous post is to look at the hue of the white cataract to help determine density.

In this case presented here we can see that there is some golden yellow to brown coloring at the center of the cataract. This indicates increased nuclear density and we should be prepared for a dense cataract requiring a lot of phaco chop.

A slight bluish tint can be seen when the cortex is liquefied producing an intumescent, pressurized cataract.
The yellowish tint can imply less liquefaction of the cortex. The central nucleus has higher density while the epi-nuclear shell is less opaque.

This video shows an expert technique of splitting this tough nucleus and providing the patient a great visual outcome.

link here

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