1315: Update on the Tecnis Eyhance IOL

This video gives an update on my experience with the J&J Tecnis Eyhance monofocal IOL. It is a good monofocal IOL and is also available with toric correction for treatment of astigmatism. I encourage you to learn about as many IOLs as you can and have access to them in your surgical center. I prefer having more tools in my toolbox, even if I tend to have a few favorites that I use most of the time. And I also encourage you to always read and study the directions for use and any FDA trial data for new IOLs so that you can understand the science behind the technology.

Forgive my crackling voice in this video as the audio was recorded after a very long day. As you may imagine, publishing a new video every day (along with my duties as a surgeon and professor) takes a lot of work.

click to learn from my update about the J&J Tecnis Eyhance monofocal IOL:

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  1. You are such a great speaker. I know you are really busy so I’ll get to the point. I am monocular and I had a retinal detachment in my good eye. I currently have a buckle. I have a cataracts surgery coming up and I need to pick a lens. I’ve done all the research. I know all the brands. I still have no idea what to select because I can’t imagine being able to see far and having to put on glasses to see close but not being able to see far with those glasses on. It seems like a nightmare. I don’t know how my brain will react being monocular, to a trifocal lens. Like my two choices are Vivity and Eyhance. I’m pretty near sighted now. I think my prescription is -9. Any advice would be wonderful. Cost is not prohibitive. I want the best vision I can get. Thanks.

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