1717: bilateral phacomorphic glaucoma

This is a very unusual case of bilateral phacomorphic glaucoma where the swollen cataract caused the narrow angles to occlude. This resulted in a very high intra-ocular pressure and corneal edema causing the patient vision loss as well as pain. Medical therapy was initiated but was insufficient to resolve the issues so the patient was brought to the operating room for bilateral, sequential cataract surgery to resolve the anatomic issues. The patient did well and recovered normal vision.

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  1. Thank you so much but there is some red reflex for both eyes and this is against the diagnosis of phacomorphic glaucoma!.Membranes formation plus posterior synechiae is indicative of bilateral uveitic glaucoma.

  2. Thank you for the amazing teaching videos. Regarding bilateral lens induced glaucoma one has to keep in mind the possibility of a drug induced side effect which can cause ciliochoroidal effusion and forward movement of the lens ..

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