1683: resident case 78 – what needs work?

In many surgical fields studies have shown that surgeons in training who have a history of video game playing tend to have better hand-eye coordination. This is no surprise if you watch young people playing video games which are fast past and require intense dexterity. This must be true in ophthalmology as well because operating at a microscope during cataract surgery is much like playing the latest fast-action role playing games: your hands are working intensely yet precisely as you are looking at the action in the microscope or monitor. This is case 78 for this USA surgeon in training and the technique is excellent. In fact, one of my major recommendations is for the resident surgeon to slow down a bit to really perfect each step of the procedure. Please leave a comment below and give your input and suggestions for improvement.

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  1. It looks fantastic surgery.. by 78 cases you mean that this is the 78th complete cases done by the resident or 78th case since he started surgery (I mean under supervision but not complete the case from A to Z )
    In both scenarios he is a brilliant

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