1682: what is your approach to chemosis?

Chemosis. It happens to all of us. Just a slight cut of the conjunctiva and the balanced salt solution will sneak under the conjunctiva and balloon it up. Do you just power throught it? Do a conjunctival cut-down with scissors? Do a few conjunctival perforations? This video covers a few different options and shows you what you must avoid: the pooling of fluid on the cornea and the “underwater” view. This will happen to you in the next year, so learn how to deal with it now.

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  1. Hi! I like to widen/cut open the conj a little bit near the incision where it „happens“ by using a keratome or even a para. This normally results in no further swelling of the conj… Hope this was helpful, thanks for the great videos, enjoying it all the time! Best wishes!

  2. Yes, as mentioned above the key is recognizing it early and I take my chopper and pull the conjunctiva where it inserts near the wound so the fluid doesn’t continue to balloon up the conjunctiva further

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